CNC Machining

We are proud to be one of the largest CNC machine shops in Central Queensland, offering the latest technology in CNC machines around the country.

Purcell’s Engineering specialises in Turning, Milling, Slotting and Horizontal Boring, with a machine shop staffed by top-line machinists, delivering 24-hour service with safety and quality second to none. 

A newly installed Vertical Borer with huge turning capabilities provides a comprehensive range of solutions for larger projects. The turning and milling capability of the machine is unique in it’s class, offering greater, more innovative solutions to new and existing clients. Purcell’s Horizontal Boring has the advantage of solving unforeseen challenging projects with portable equipment and specialised machinists, and creating unique solutions of versatility and capability.

Purcell’s also offers a reverse engineering service via the one-of-a-kind in Central Queensland ‘Coordinates Measurement Machine’. This machine allows for precision measuring in a climate controlled environment for specific parts that cannot be sourced due to OEM restrictions or age of product.

Amongst the various machining processes that are offered with the business, Broaching is available, with many sizes of keys used from a range of machines and equipment in the workshop.


Purcell’s manual and CNC turning capabilities cater to one-off small batch production and larger capacities. CNC lathe with y axis milling and Integrex 5 axis turning and milling allows Purcell’s to produce a wide variety of work to customer’s unique requirements and specifications. Purcell’s offer machining of intricate parts and large heavy components, including CNC milling from small part work to large double column machine centres. A large workshop equipped with heavy lift capacities allows all heavy projects to be undertaken.

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  • Precision manufacture of engineered components small and large
  • Machining of manufactured/fabricated components small or large
  • Reclaim and refurbish a large range of industry components
  • Reverse engineering & drafting of complex items
  • Specialised in urgent breakdown repair for mining and local industries.