On-Site Turning

Transporting machinery off-site can be extremely costly and often there is a high probability that machinery is inflexible to move.

Shafts are no exception, whether detachable or fixed to heavy machinery, Purcell’s can perform the task! Our on-site lathe, simply bolts onto your stationary shaft and rotates around the outer side, with an automatic feeding system. 

We offer on-site turning capabilities, and the on-site lathe can be attached to a shaft diameter 90mm-290mm.


Purcell’s Engineering provides a comprehensive range of on site solutions including emergency breakdowns, investing heavily into production capabilities such as the latest equipment, new technologies and advanced computerised machines to handle all project requirements.


Purcell’s Engineering is one of Central Queensland’s largest locally owned On-Site, Fabrication, Mechanical Project and Machining Workshops.

For further details contact Purcell’s on:

T: (07) 4978 0600 or alternatively,
E: email at info@purcells.com.au