Pipe Cutting & Bevelling

With our large range of pipe cutting and bevelling machines, Purcell’s offer a ground breaking solution for your piping needs. These machines are quick and easy to set up and come in multiple sizes.

Ranging from 2 inch to 48 inch we have a machine to suit most applications. Purcell’s also has the capacity to bore, easily matching two sections of pipe.

We also have a selection of equipment available for Dry Hire including;

Clamshells – Ranging from 2″ to 48″


Purcell’s Engineering provides a comprehensive range of on site solutions including emergency breakdowns, investing heavily into production capabilities such as the latest equipment, new technologies and advanced computerised machines to handle all project requirements.


Purcell’s Engineering is one of Central Queensland’s largest locally owned On-Site, Fabrication, Mechanical Project and Machining Workshops.

For further details contact Purcell’s on:

T: (07) 4978 0600 or alternatively,
E: email at info@purcells.com.au