On-Site & Breakdown Work

Breakdown Work
Our experienced team have the same goals.. being there for each other.. identifying and filling the gaps.. together everyone achieves more. Which is why we can offer all our valued customers and new customers outstanding 24-hours breakdown services, for all industrial and mining equipment.

Mechanical Project have a very large and versatile workshop, making it easy to have your large component in house. Utilizing our 2 x 5 ton overhead cranes for movability. If you can’t get your repair to us we can offer transport in our 11-ton tilt tray. 

Onsite Works
We provide capability and quality assurance to undertake industrial site inspections/measuring, disassembly, and installations. Purcell’s Engineering offer highly skilled tradesmen inducted across a majority of Gladstone’s Industrial work sites and Central Queensland Coal Mines. 

We have 3 fully equipped mobile boiler making trucks ready to go once we get the call!


Our Mechanical Project Division provide the capability and quality assurance to undertake heavy industrial and boiler making refurbishment, and offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as required for urgent/ breakdown jobs.


Purcell’s Engineering is one of Central Queensland’s largest locally owned On-Site, Fabrication, Mechanical Project and Machining Workshops.

For further details contact Purcell’s on:

T: (07) 4978 0600 or alternatively,
E: email at info@purcells.com.au