Self Levelling Circular Mill

The pride of the fleet, the Self Levelling Circular Mill has been in development for a number of years. Designed and manufactured by our in- house team to suit the growing demands of the mining industry, this technology has the added benefit to machine up to 85ft diameter. Purcell’s Engineering have taken all the steps to  protect the intellectual property of this machine, which is subject to a pending patent. 

Controlled by an adjustable, highly accurate laser, it will level itself automatically to suit the best fit plane already established.

Running two Ø450mm cutting heads it can make short work of any large-scale circular milling work. It can quickly reconfigure to machine upper rails, hook rails and even CNC drilling of the rack, proving it’s versatility and efficiency.

Ideal for Dragline Tubs, Revolving Frames, Power Generation, Slew Rings and much more.


Minimum Diameter – 4000mm
Maximum Diameter – As Requested
Minimum Height – 1400mm
Maximum Height – 2000mm

4100 Upper Slew Surface

Setting up on 4100 Upper Slew Surface


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