General In-Situ Milling

Purcell’s Engineering 3-axis milling machines incorporate the latest workshop machine tool technology in to a portable format. All of our milling machines are highly accurate and use the latest linear guides and ball screw technology to ensure maximum performance.

We have a number of in-situ milling machines available for small single pads up to large industrial surface milling.

Uses can include Heat Exchangers, Dragline Motor Bases, Shovel Track Pads, Pump Bases and many more.


Purcell’s Engineering provides a comprehensive range of on site solutions including emergency breakdowns, investing heavily into production capabilities such as the latest equipment, new technologies and advanced computerised machines to handle all project requirements.


Purcell’s Engineering is one of Central Queensland’s largest locally owned On-Site, Fabrication, Mechanical Project and Machining Workshops.

For further details contact Purcell’s on:

T: (07) 4978 0600 or alternatively,
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