CNC Capabilities


Here at Purcell’s Engineering we provide quality workmanship to all our customers no matter how big or small.

With a wide range of resources and technical expertise, we can offer you various manufacturing and engineering solutions.

If you have the Problem – We have the Solution for all your Engineering Needs.


Mazak Integrex 400 CNC Lathe/Mill

Simultaneous five axis machining, up to 2500mm in length and 750mm in diameter.

Small or large intricate shapes are not a problem for this multi tasking machine.

Mazak Nexus 250MY CNC Lathe/Mill

This high speed multi-axis machine fitted with a bar feeder and parts catcher would be ideal for both your small and large batches of components that need to milled, drilled or turned in one operation.

Mazak VTC Machining Centre

The high speed VTC can machine up to 30m per minute with a spindle speed of 1200RPM.

Fitted with a 4th axis and up to 2m travel in x axis this highly accurate machine can produce high surface finish and accuracy for the most demanding tolerances.

Mazak 510Machining Centre

Going hand in hand with the VTC this high speed super accurate machine centre is available for your needs today.

Drilling, counter sinking, threading, hole boring and milling of complex shapes is made easy and fast by these impressive machines.

Mazak QT35 CNC Lathe

Our high horse power, large capacity CNC Lathe can make short work of any heavy roughing or shaft jobs.

Okuma CNC Bridge Mill

This machine is “HUGE”. An effective machining area of 5000mm (X) x 3000mm(Y) x 1500mm (Z). The vertical turret has both a vertical and horizontal machine tool spindles, effectively being able to machine all 4 sides and top surface of a gearbox type component in one set up. The 120 tool magazine and automated tool changer minimises tool changes through the machining process and ensures repeatability, accuracy and efficiency.

Kiheung CNC Bed Mill

If large, intricate or heavy milling (up to 15 tonne) is your requirement, look no further than our CNC bed machining centre with large rotary table, travel 4500mm x 2000mm x 1500mm and large capacity tool magazine.

This high speed high feed machining centre has a fully programmable head to auto shift every degree and is ready for your large component runs.

Sachman CNC Bed Mill

Universal CNC bed mill with 2500mm x 1200mm x 1000mm travel to effectively compliment our large machining centre.

CNC Five Axis Horizontal Borer

A highly accurate machine capable of high speed milling, drilling and boring of holes and faces.

This highly rigid machine can handle the heaviest of components.

Hankook Lathe

Our large capacity manual lathe can turn heavy shafts up to 5000mm in length and 1600mm in diameter with maximum speed and accuracy.

You Ji CNC Vertical Turning Lathe

The VTL (vertical turning lathe) is our newest machine in the large capacity group. It has a machining area of dia3000mm and 2500mm long with 16 tool holders in an automatic tool changer. It also has the ability to drill holes, machine slots, thread milling and other milling operations with its live spindle. This large machine is full CNC and ready for medium to large parts, parts in volume or anything in between.

Dukin MHB 15210N CMM

A CMM is a device used in reverse engineering, manufacturing and assembly processes to test a part or assembly against the design intent.

By precisely recording the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the target, points are generated which can then be analyzed via regression algorithms for the construction of features. These points are collected by using a probe that is positioned manually by an operator or automatically via Direct Computer Control (DCC).

DCC CMMs can be programmed to repeatedly measure identical parts. The effective measuring range of the CMM is 1.5m(X) x 2.0m(Y) x 1.0m(Z) with a weight capacity of 2500kg. The CMM is being housed in a temperature controller room, specifically purpose built for all metrology.