Shaft Keyway Repairs

Our on-site Keyway Cutter can repair damaged or cut new keyways out of almost any material; cut shafts of up to an impressive diameter of 300 mm and as small as 35 mm.

This method is used to modify or repair a key slot, or other cutout assembly. The damaged area is mended and a new cut is then machined into the repaired area if needed.

This service not only saves in replacement costs, but through being able to machine on-site it will also save you hefty transport costs and lengthy dismantlement time. Being mobile is our niche and we feel that offering this service not only reduces the “run-around”, but also saves you time and money!

At Purcell’s we take pride in providing exceptional customer service an absolute value in our services.

With the latest in technology we can cut anywhere from 6 mm to 45 mm diameter keyways.