Mechanical Project Division

Dragline Gearbox Overhaul
Dragline Gearbox Overhaul

The company has recently expanded into mechanical refurbishment for major projects from the mining and local industries. Services now available at Purcell’s Mechanical Project Department.

Purcell’s can manage and structure your project from any stage through to testing and commissioning, starting and engaging with any of the following services.

  • Feasibility studies allowing for plant and equipment upgrades/modifications, failure analyses reporting and integration of newly enhanced technologies.
  • Planning and structuring your project for a successful outcome and meeting all deadlines with contingency in place.
  • With project expertise in the areas of large plant and equipment refurbishment, precision boiler making, manufacturing, machining and designing of new improved equipment.
  • Our project team will work with you through every step of the way as well as keeping you informed with real time and meaningful detailed reports
  • Engineering from our workshop to your site with safety always in mind first for all parties, we add value to your equipment and assets.