What is Hydrographics?

Hydrographics is a water transfer printing ink; it is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces. Graphics patterns are applied to decorate/customize the object.

First choose your desired film (Skulls/Flames/Carbon Fibre etc.) from our films library, and then the object gets appropriately prepped & painted to your chosen base coat. After the base colour is applied, the item is ready for the water transfer printing process. The film is applied on the top of the water in a Hydrographics tank then an activator gets applied to the film which dissolves and leaves the ink on the surface of the water. Now, the item can be immersed into the water and the ink wraps around it. It is then rinsed and protected with a clear topcoat to ensure a durable finish.

The ink from the Hydrographics film is very durable itself. However, a protective clear coat needs to be applied to protect items to ensure that they last.


Fully Customized Helmet
Dash Panels







What can be Hydro Graphed?

Hydrographics can be applied to all kind of materials including plastic, wood, fibreglass and metal. If the item can be dipped in water, then the item can be hydro graphed. The Hydrographics process is used to decorate/customize a variety of items, from bike fairings, car interiors to very small items like phone cases.

Hydrographic Photos