Lineboring and ID Welding


Our main form of expertise really comes to the fore front here – this is where we love to get our hands dirtyWe guarantee there is no hole that we can’t repair, and if we can’t on-site then there’s always the traditional workshop environment – it’s what we pride ourselves in and is what we do best!

Our portable line boring machines, with their optional extras, represents an all round service tool for on-site or in-shop precision machining and inside diameter welding.

This new concept will perform in situ:

  • boring;
  • taper boring;
  • facing;
  • taper facing drilling; and
  • welding

Boring bars of up to 6000mm in length, feed through the centre of the hollow spindle machine. The machine can be lifted by one operator and mounted in any suitable position on the boring bar, either between the bores which require machining or on either side of them.

Now Available

  • 5 x 4 inch diameter Lineboring bars to suit 300mm to 1600mm bores!!
  • 3 x 6 inch diameter lineboring bars which can machine up to a 3500mm diameter and face up to 3000mm diameter!!

Drilling into the work piece with a drill bit mounted at the end of the boring bar allows bores form a blank up to 1000mm in diameter and (utilising optional extras) up to 12metres apart.

With our I.D. welder, building-up worn or damaged holes and our line borers in the same premises, we can machine faces and even cut tapers at your convince with an availability of 24 hours a day.