Flange Facing

24″ to 60″ Flange Facer


With years of experience in repairing damaged and worn flanges, Purcells is the right choice for the job. Whether you need a gramophone finish on raised or flat surfaces we can help. With the ability to service on-site, at your convenience, from 0mm to 3000mm diameter, you can’t think anyone else but Purcells!

Our state-of-the-art technology, allows us the ability to machine in:

  • variable feeds;
  • both directions;
  • from fine to gramophone;
  • RTJ Flanges
  • on raised or flat surfaces

Mounting is simple; having the ability to mount through bolt holes or on the back of the flange. Mounting the machine to the job instead of the conventional approach of mounting the job to the machine, makes flange facing simple, solid, fast, accurate and inexpensive.