Welcome to Purcell’s Engineering – Gladstone QLD

Welcome to Gladstone’s born and bred Engineering team, Purcell’s Engineering.

Please use this website to its full potential and discover what services we can perform to help your business save money, time and energy. For any type of repair and maintenance we’re here for you, ranging in an incredible array of skills such as: Lineboring, ID Welding, CNC Machining Milling and Key Repairs, Lathing and Flange Facing –  look no further than Purcell’s Engineering – Gladstone!


Heavy machinery can be costly to replace, so why not fix it? Yes that’s right, we can fix almost any heavy machinery and equipment, with the ability to conduct on-site repairs.

Regularly, we find broken down machinery and equipment is difficult and timely to detach and impossible to transport. Here’s where we come in, having the ability to on-site: Linebore, ID Weld, Mill and Key Repair, Lathe and Flange Facing.

Let us show you what our experienced and hard working team can do for you; we guarantee that you will be astonished from the sheer talent of our boys!

However, talented tradesmen need good tools, therefore at Purcells we pride ourselves in knowledge that we use the very latest in state-of-the-art technology. So not only do we employ great staff, we also invest in exceptional machinery – guaranteeing a job well done.


Here at Purcell’s Engineering, we provide quality workmanship to all our customers no matter how big or small.

With a wide range of resources and technical expertise, we can offer you various manufacturing and engineering solutions. If you have the Problem – We have the Solution for all your Engineering Needs.

Our machine shop is staffed by top-line machinists who take pride in their work, providing 24 hour service with excellent safety and quality second to none.